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Current Work

Melplash Sketchbook Watercolour Dorset 2020
Poorton Oil on Linen 56 x 71 cm 2020
The Path to the Cider Orchard Oil on Linen 76 x 61cm 2020
Birch Wood 55.6cm x70.6cm Oil on Linen 2019
Rusting Light 56cm x 71cm Oil on Linen 2019
Autumn Light 56cm x 71 Oil on Linen 2019
Enchanted Forrest 58.8cm x 77 cm Oil on Linen 2019
Wang-Dang-Doodle Diptych 60cm x 30cm x2 Oil on Canvas 2019
Autuminal 126cm x 156cm Oil on Canvas 2019
Sea Spirt 2021 Watercolour on 320gm Khadi paper 20 x 20cm 2020
Spirit of the Sea 2020 Watercolour 320gm Khadi paper 20 x 20cm Private Collection