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The Born in Nottinghamshire, Stuart Reid studied at Grimsby School of Art, Falmouth School of Art (now part of Falmouth University) and Birmingham School of Art and Design (now BIAD,University of Central England). Stuart Reid lives in East London and works in a studio in Essex. He retiered from teaching in 2014. His work is exhibited nationally, internationally and held in numerous private, corporate collections and public collections.

'Living in Cornwall directed the way my painting developed as I became facinated by the shifting light on the Cornish landscape. Claude Monet's passion for colour, the aggressive brushstrokes of his later paintings and Mark Rothko's terrifying use of space and subliminal philosophical use of colour have been influences.
The subjects of my work are selected from landscape and the content is interpreted in formal terms of colour, light and space. My paintings invite the viewer to participate in an experience of colour and the passionate response to the feelings evoked by nature. What interests me are the possibility of painting as an expression of a vision rather than an idea.
I make watercolours to capture the ethereal mood of a particular moment and use photography to document the landscape. I do not work directly from photographs per se the photographs act as a record, which exist it their own right as a photographic sketchbook.
In the studio paintings are developed side by side using oil paint. I work on several at the same time, some on paper others on canvas. The physical activity of applying paint is important to my work, I often paint with my hands wearing disposable gloves to keep each colour fresh. I make movements across the surface of the canvas or paper to create structure and rhythm. I employ the elements of chance by pouring, dripping and splattering paint onto the canvas and then working it in with my hands, brush, palette knife and other tools creating a contrast of marks and methods'.

Corporate Collections

Island Shangri-La Hotel Hong Kong
Mercedes-Benz Finance UK Ltd
LIMIT London Insurance Market Investment Trust plc London
Charles Barker plc London
Eagle Star Ltd
Colonia Boltica London
Mayer, Brown and Platt London
Public Policy Unit London
Benfield Greig Holdings London
Arther J. Gallagher & Co Phoenix USA
Centrica plc (loan)
Church House Conference Centre Westminster

Public Collections

Milton Keynes Hospital Trust

Private Collections

England, America and Portugal


Hyatt Regency Hotel Guam USA
Le Meridien Grand Pacific Hotel Tokyo Japan
Gavin Kelly Benfield Greig Holdings London

Solo Exhibitions

2004 Reflective Visions Great Neck Arts Center New York
1998 The Chelsea Arts Club
1986 Vortex Gallery London
1979 Holt gallery Birmingham

Selected Exhibitions

2000 Millennium Exhibition Chelsea Arts Club
2000 Chisenhale Arts Place 20th Anniversary Open Studios
1999 The Affordable Art Fair London, Maymie White Contemporary Art
1999 Maymie White Contemporary Art London
1998 Chichester Open Art Exhibition
1997 Le Capitole La Defense Paris
1996 Artists in Essex Epping Forest District Museum
1995 Charles Barker plc London
1994 Fluxbritanica The Tate Gallery
1993 The London Group 80th Anniversary Exhibition Concourse Gallery Barbican Centre London
1991 Leicester Exhibition for Schools and Colleges
1990 The Gill Gallery Opening the Doors Newham London
1990 Galeria International De Arte Portugal
1988 Arts Works Space Barbican London
1986 Out East Arteast Gallery London
1985 Whitechapel Gallery Open Exhibition London
1981 On View Ikon Gallery Birmingham
1974 Camden Arts Centre London
1973 Institute of Contemporary Art London
1972 Penwith Gallery St Ives

Performance Art

1972 Fluxshoe Falmouth Arts Centre Cornwall


2004 New York State Council on the Arts
2004 Unilever plc
2004 The Central Schools of London Trust
1979/82 Fine Arts Bursaries, West Midlands Arts


2004 David Ryan, Cataloge GNAC New York
1985 Mary Rose Beaumont, Arts Review William Morris Gallery London
1983 Janet Ryland Artists Newsletter
1979 Prof David Manley, catalogue, Holt Street Gallery Birmingham